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Upgrade to Scheduling Team

(Production Office Automation features like distribution, sides, watermarking and mobile are not included.)
If you are interested in purchasing Scenechronize POA, please email


  • All strip management features you expect
  • Board segments for managing units
  • Full strip layout controls including single/double width strips
  • State-of-the-art integration with breakdown

Published schedules

  • Publish your schedule to the entire crew
  • Set automatic watermarks for schedule-based reports
  • Assign colors to schedule-based reports
  • Crew can get the report themselves from the project page

Interactive Day out of Days

  • Review DooD impacts in real-time for any department
  • Click on work codes to see the details
  • Filter by dates
  • Flexible drop/hold rules


  • The script is imported line-by-line and is always available
  • Each scene’s breakdown sheet is automatically set up on import
  • Add elements from the script or the breakdown sheet
  • Easily create parts, each with their own breakdown

Breakdown Sheet

  • Controls for who can do breakdown – ADs only or dept keys too
  • Easily transform the writer’s script into the production script
  • Add personal or production notes (ADs only) to each scene
  • Attach documents (e.g. storyboards) to each scene

Breakdown Elements

  • ADs manage the elements, the keys manage the details
  • Store pictures, video, audio, documents for any element
  • Page count, scenes used are always live
  • The whole crew can see what’s been selected

Initial Import

  • The script is read line-by-line
  • A breakdown sheet is created for each scene
  • Page counts are determined for characters and sets
  • INT/EXT and TOD are set for each scene

Script Revisions

  • All existing work is carried into the new revision
  • A revision report is generated detailing every change
  • Import your revision in either manual or fully automatic mode

Standard Reports

  • All the standard reports are available
  • All reports come with numerous options
  • The crew can get their reports all in one place
  • All reports available as PDF, with many also as Excel
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